8.04 Langlais Group Newsletter

-LEDVANCE has released many new products over the past few months, and we are excited to share!




-Elite Lighting has many new releases for the year of 2023, including the products in their Groove 48V Track System.

-Elite Lighting also has their Tension 48V Track System which have many products including tension rods, cylinders and pendants.


Read more:

GROOVE: https://vimeo.com/elitelighting

TENSION: https://vimeo.com/elitelighting



7.28 Langlais Group Newsletter

-A brand new tool has been introduced to the industry, it is called The Arbor MasterPro.  This tool is compatible with all wafer lights and cable fixtures.

“It is a simple product that does a simple thing”. The Arbor MasterPro saves time, extends hole saw life, and keeps wires steady during construction.



Learn more -> https://lnkd.in/e5sQpyr7


Innova Heating released their new “Electric Infrared Dual Element Heater”.  This heater comes in a 1500-watt plug-in, as well as a 4000-watt, 50000-watt, and 6000-watt option. These heaters come with a 208-480 voltage option. These heaters start at 39″ and end at 61″.

Decorative frames are available upon purchase to fit your home or business. There are 7 decorative frames to choose from and 3 color options for the heater (black, stainless steel, and white).

Learn more -> https://www.innovaheaters.com/123-4550-11237-0-1066261/Innova_4000-Watt-Electric-Infrared-Dual-Element-Heater-EF40240B.htm?bid=mnav


7.21 Langlais Group Newsletter

Kichler Lighting has released many new collections for interior lighting including the Avery Collection and Crosby Collection, both including 9 pieces. The Erma, Skagos, and Vocalin Collections include 7 pieces, and the Renew and Winslow Collections include 6 pieces.  Many other collections are represented in this catalog with very unique products.


Eurofase Lighting has released its Summer 2023 Catalog.  There are 23 collections featured in this catalog, offering a wide variety of fixtures and portable lamps that will embody your living space. Collections include one-of-a-kind Alabaster pieces, which can be found above in the video section alongside many other fixtures from this collection that were presented at the Dallas Lightovation Show.

Link to Eurofase Catalog: https://lnkd.in/gJrKCtrg


LEDVANCE has released its new “Performance Class CCT Selectable Downlight Gimbal”. This product has a narrow beam of 45° and tilting lenses of 90°. This allows for saving up to 88% of energy by choosing this product.

Learn more -> https://bit.ly/44juqSj

LEDVANCE has released its all-new CCT Selectable Performance Class Track Lights. With this product, you can choose from 4 color temperatures as well as different wattage options. These lights come with a life span of 50,000 hours.

Learn more -> https://www.ledvanceus.com/products/luminaires/indoor/Track-Lights/Pages/Performance-Class-Selectable-Track-Light.aspx?utm_source=social&utm_medium=july&utm_campaign=tracklights


EnVision Lighting has released their new “Wattage Selectable and $CCT 440W Linear High Bay”. This product offers adjustable wattage and color temperature options.

Learn more -> https://www.envisionledlighting.com/products/linear-highbay-c-line6


7.10 Langlais Group Newsletter

-LEDVANCE has released their “Phase EV Charger” Read more about this product on our LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/company/96821497/admin/feed/posts/

-Lightovation 2023 was a success and our reps have lots of new products to share! Watch now above in the video section.

-We have new content from Kichler, Eurofase, Varaluz, Innova, and much more to share from Lightovation. Check out the videos above.

-Eurofase has released its brand new Alabaster collection.

More about the Eurofase Kepler Collection, featuring Alabaster pieces, is above in the video section.